Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Package from Natalia in Russia!

I was recently in a swap on swap-bot called "I can't buy THAT here!". This swap required everyone to send something that you can only get in your country/state/city/town. I sent my partner in Israel some TimTams, Minties and a Cherry Ripe chocolate bar.

My sending partner was Russian, and she sent me so many wonderful things.

I love seeing writing in other languages, even if I don't understand it.

Oven mit, oven grabby-outer thingy, 2 blocks of chocolate, Russian
candy, a pair of socks that remind me of dairy cows and this cool Easter
egg decorating paper that's traditional in Russia.

This is sooo cute! This chocolate is called "Alenka".
I actually want to keep the wrapping. 

Candy and dark chocolate... *drools*

This is the interesting Easter egg decorating thingy. At first, my brother's
girlfriend and I were confused but then...

... we saw the instructions, and it kind of made a bit more sense.

Pending op-shop refashion #1

Went op shopping today and I bought more giant dresses and skirts
to refashion. Some are massive muumuu-looking things that will be
cute summery dresses, and some are long skirts that will become
high-waisted and medium-length.

I will document the process on this blog, don't you worry!

This is a bag I bought while op shopping yesterday... Cute, huh?
Smells and bit leathery and mothball-y, though... Will have to
air it out a bit.

Slightly irrelevant, but this is one of my good friends... I thought I
would include this photo as the background is my wonderful city, Brisbane, at night.

It's wonderful. :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New room!

Sorry about my lack of posting, guys. It's exam week now and I've been busy with studying and moving rooms. I took a few photos of my new room so I thought I might show you!

Oh, and I made a Hello Kitty cake yesterday. I didn't want to murder her though so I got my boyfriend's sister to cut it, as I spent the afternoon baking at her house with her.

I would have made a tutorial, but I didn't document the process with photos... But one day.

I think I made her nose a little too big, though. :(

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Packing, moving rooms, AARGH!

I'm moving into a different student unit on Monday (but I also have an exam and have to hand in an assignment on that same day, argh!) and packing is killing me. It was pointed out to me last night at my family birthday dinner that I am a hoarder, so today, I tried to throw out unwanted things... Which, might I say, was very hard for me.

But don't we just love my kitty back in my hometown? Her name is Miia.

And the new t-shirt I got for my birthday... I wouldn't normally point this out, but I swear that is not a nipple or anything pointing out, it's just detailing on my bra. *chuckle*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Op shopping finds #1

I went op (thrift) shopping by myself today, and though most of the op shops were closed due to the Melbourne Cup (annual horse racing) being today, I managed to find one that was open and found a whole bunch of purchases that I was rather happy with.

Brown vintage suitcase for just $3 - so cheap!
The darker brown marks on it are just wet spots from when I wiped it over.

Two granny dresses that I'm doing to hem and take in (sort of like how it's done 
at New Dress a Day), a pair of flats, and a coin pouch.

I'll be sure to show you my granny-dress-to-cute altering process!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy mailbox!

I got a whole bunch of packages today, and had so much fun opening them!

A lovely package from Cheray, my Happy Mail partner for October.
She sent me a rose ring, decorative tape and a Harajuku doll!
I was so happy to receive it... Also, look at that awesome
letter paper - it folds into a shirt!

Kawaii swap for the "Pick 5!! Newbies welcome" swap on swap-bot.
My partner sent me kawaii memos, ribbons, bento supplies, deco tape
and adorable post-it notes that are hiding behind the little bento paper cup things.

An order that I made through the Icecream Drops store on Ebay Australia.
It's a kawaii bento box - I plan to send it out in a future kawaii swap.

And here are a couple of letters that I sent out to the US just the other day.

Final exams

Sorry I haven't updated for a little while, I've just been busy visiting my hometown! I have about one-and-a-half weeks left of university for the year, then will get a much deserved four month break. It's not exactly holidays just yet, though...

So I have to study for two remaining exams (for my Phonology course, and Indonesian), and I have to write one 2000 word essay (for my Second Language Learning and Teaching course).

Sigh, the life of a uni student!

Wish me luck!