Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy mailbox!

I got a whole bunch of packages today, and had so much fun opening them!

A lovely package from Cheray, my Happy Mail partner for October.
She sent me a rose ring, decorative tape and a Harajuku doll!
I was so happy to receive it... Also, look at that awesome
letter paper - it folds into a shirt!

Kawaii swap for the "Pick 5!! Newbies welcome" swap on swap-bot.
My partner sent me kawaii memos, ribbons, bento supplies, deco tape
and adorable post-it notes that are hiding behind the little bento paper cup things.

An order that I made through the Icecream Drops store on Ebay Australia.
It's a kawaii bento box - I plan to send it out in a future kawaii swap.

And here are a couple of letters that I sent out to the US just the other day.


  1. I looooove mail too and have gotten even more into it this year (mostly thanks to blogging!). I've never done anything on swap-bot though I've been tempted to . . . maybe I'll go check it out again. In any case, so glad I found your blog--I love the background and template and header; it is so cute!

  2. @ Claire Kiefer

    Thanks so much, you're the first person to compliment me on my template and header. To be honest, I based the template on somebody else's - I viewed the source HTML and changed and modified it based on my own preferences, then I put in a different background and header. I think it fits me just great, hehe.

    Oh, and regarding swap-bot, go for it! It's a lot of fun, though some people on there can drain the fun out of it due to not liking something, etc. Everything's based on a ratings system and if your item gets lost and you don't get a chance to resend it, or if somebody doesn't think your swap meets the requirements/their interests, a bad rating can really bring your reputation though. I tread so carefully on there since one bad experience, haha.

    But overall it's good fun and most people aren't greedy butt-heads. Go for it!! :D