Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Op shopping finds #1

I went op (thrift) shopping by myself today, and though most of the op shops were closed due to the Melbourne Cup (annual horse racing) being today, I managed to find one that was open and found a whole bunch of purchases that I was rather happy with.

Brown vintage suitcase for just $3 - so cheap!
The darker brown marks on it are just wet spots from when I wiped it over.

Two granny dresses that I'm doing to hem and take in (sort of like how it's done 
at New Dress a Day), a pair of flats, and a coin pouch.

I'll be sure to show you my granny-dress-to-cute altering process!


  1. Love that bag! Cute!


  2. waw....
    keren semua hasil thriftingnya...
    dress merahnya lucu banget motiffnya, *pengen liat* :))

  3. @retno

    Hehe, makasih ya. :) Nanti kalau aku "alter" dressnya, foto2nya akan diupload diblog ini. Tunggu ya! Aku udah ga sabar utk alter dressnya.

  4. Oh my goodness what great finds! Seriously--pretty patterns and a lovely suitcase and I think I like the flats best of all. I am trying to be a better thrifter . . . my sweet friend Micaela is all about it and hopefully gonna teach me the tricks of her trade!

  5. @ Claire Kiefer

    I know, they're great!! I went thrifting again the next day but didn't find anything. I think because there's so much unoriginal/boring/ratty stuff surrounding the good stuff that we just completely look past it. But anyway, I'm improving! :) It's really fun and it feels so good to walk out with something so great yet so cheap.