Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gettin' all clucky!!

My big sister, Rebekah, is pregnant and my little baby nephew will be due in mid-to-late-November. I'm really looking forward to it... She's the first out of our siblings to have a baby, so my mum's really excited to finally be a grandmother!

I really want a kid as well, I always have, but I'm planning to wait at least 3 more years so I can get my education out of the way first. I think my boyfriend's a bit scared about that, hehe!

Anyway, I'm so glad that we'll have our little nephew for Christmas! The whole family's planning to go to a holiday house at the beach to spend the holiday with the family. It'll be great and I look forward to getting to know the little bald, squishy fella.

Good thinkin', Bek... The more people you invite = the more presents you get. Hehe!

Left to right: Me, my big sister and my younger sister.
You can't even tell we're all sisters!!

Playing one of the games... A race to write down a baby boy name
for every letter of the alphabet. I won that one! 

The awesome nappy cake that our cousin made.

Unwrapping the presents... This is the cringeworthy "aww"
face everyone was making. 

"Pin the Dummy on the Baby"!

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