Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Recommended movies #1

1. The Virgin Suicides

This movie is extremely strange and I found it slightly creepy in a way, but it was also beautiful. It's about a group of neighbourhood boys investigating the summer suicides of four sisters after the suicide of their younger sister. If feel like there's a moral to the story, especially in regards to parenting. Is the director of The Virgin Suicides trying to tell us that strict parenting will, in most cases, come back in the parents' faces?

2. Ghost World

As a geeky, anti-social teenager and complete oddity (and potential try-hard), I can definitely relate to the girls in this movie. I love it - it's the work of a brilliant mind. It was originally a comic book by Daniel Clowes and was made into a film with my favourite actress of all time, Thora Birch. I don't feel like Ghost World has a set storyline per se, though there are parts where they like to make fun of their male friend and are also trying to set a middle-aged loner up.

3. Pretty in Pink

Ah, where do I start!? This one's an '80s movie starring the wonderful Molly Ringwald as Andy Walsh. She's a fashion-conscious individual, however is poor and falls for one of the rich boys at school who also falls for her. They encounter problems such as their difference in socio-economic status, cliques at school and the fact that Andy's best male friend, Ducky (Alan in Two and a Half Men... How awesome!) is helplessly in love with her.

4. Girl, Interrupted

Winona, Winona, Winona... How I love thee so! This movie's about a girl my age (18-years-old... Okay fine, I'm not quite 19 yet as my profile states!). Her name's Susanna and she's been admitted to a psychiatric hospital due to having a borderline personality disorder. The movie's basically about Susanna and some other young women that she meets at the hospital and the problems that they encounter there. It's a great movie, and also stars the late Brittany Murphy, who I love and still love very dearly.

5. Sixteen Candles

Another Molly Ringwald film from the '80s! This one's about a young girl, Sam Baker, whose parents forget all about her 16th birthday. Her sister's getting married and to add to the stress, she's in love with a boy from school who Sam thinks doesn't even know she exists!

6. Now and Then

Last and not least, as this is my most favourite movie ever, is Now and Then. This movie sparked my great "fan-ship" for Thora Birch and Christina Ricci. It's about four young teenage girls in the '70s spending their summer vacation bonding, performing seances, fighting with boys their age and investigating the murder of "Dear Johnny" that occurred many moons ago. I love, love, love this movie so much and it's one of those movies that I can watch over and over again without ever getting sick of it.

(Movie recommendations in this post are in no order of preference whatsoever.)


  1. the virgin suicides is a very good movie!

  2. Awesome choice of movies! I love Ghost World!!!

  3. @ peppermint*tea

    Agreed! Bizarre, but truly incredible.

    @ ShaylaF

    Thanks! My favourite character is Enid Coleslaw, but that may be simply because I'm biased due to my great celebrity crush on Thora Birch.

  4. i like girl interupted...

    how about I Am Sam and Across the Universe, r u like it??? coz i like it so much.... :)


  5. @ aphrodita wibowo

    I love I Am Sam! Dakota Fanning is wonderful. I haven't seen Across the Universe yet, though. I'll keep that in mind - my summer holidays are coming up real soon.

  6. Good movies! Ghost World is one of my favorites!

  7. I love these movies!! Great choices

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